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award winning bespoke furniture

designed and handmade in north devon

"My work focuses on creating light, calm, beautiful wooden pieces that bring physical spaces to life. I intentionally produce furniture to compliment the spaces that they are intended for. I combine traditional techniques with contemporary design using sustainable solid wood to create furniture that can become heirloom pieces that will to be enjoyed for years to come."

Richard Crossley, Designer & Maker

FULL VIEW - Isaac_edited.jpg

M E E T   T H E    M A K E R

R I C H A R D 

Founder and Maker Richard Crossley trained at the renowned Rowden Atelier School of Fine Furniture where he had the opportunity to develop his craft following on from a successful decade of bespoke carpentry. His 'Isaac' cabinet piece recently won second prize at the prestigious 2023 Young Furniture Makers Prize and he is creating new pieces in his workshop along with exhibiting his portfolio across the country.


I create unique fine furniture produced exclusively from locally sourced British hardwoods and responsibly sourced fallen trees. I create designs that embrace the natural beauty of the wood using high-quality joinery and artistically conscious craftsmanship.

By creating pieces from fallen trees that would otherwise be chipped and burned, I can directly reduce waste and ensure that each piece of furniture can be traced back to its origin tree. This approach allows me to offer my clients a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that proudly carries a unique story that can be shared with future generations.

Richard Crossley, Designer & Maker

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